Here are the important Dos & Don’ts to lookout for before attending an auction


  • Be confident: Don’t go to any auction raising your hand only half way. If you’re going to commit to wanting a certain type of equipment, commit to bidding for it. Don’t be shy.
  • Do your research beforehand: If you’re a serious buyer, you should know exactly what you want and what to look out for when you find it. Don’t show up to any auction being clueless.
  • Place a bottom feeder bid: Knowing exactly what you want and what to look out for comes in handy when deciding to place a bottom feeder bid. It’s basically a bid that goes out before the item description is fully read. It shows the auction house you’re a serious bidder.
  • Get a team together: Bidding as a team could land you the item, but it should be done carefully with open communication to avoid bidding against your own team members and ultimately overspending on your budget .


  • Lose patience: By having a little bit of patience you can assess the room or environment as well as the interest of the other bidders, and make a judgement call depending on how many other bidders seem to be interested in the same time.

So whether you’re on the lookout for quality earthmoving equipment or spare parts, or even good as new construction equipment for sale, try your luck at NUco Auctioneers for equal and fair bidding.