Commercial Vehicle Auction Treasures: Fleet and Repossessed Vehicles

You’ve heard all about how you can find great bargains at commercial vehicle auctions, among others. But did you know that more beyond the sheer savings and variety,…


Solving Equipment Wear Through Construction Auctions

Construction equipment auctions in Gauteng are a great way to deal with equipment wear, providing the materials required to solve the problem of failing equipment. The fact of…

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3 Reasons To Attend NUco’s Auctions In Pretoria

With the number of vehicle and heavy equipment auctions in Pretoria, on an almost daily basis, you might have found yourself wondering which auctioneers to visit at some…


Keep Up To Date on Auctions in Pretoria

Whether you’re looking for mining auctions or earthmoving equipment auctions, the trick to getting what you want every time is to know when these auctions are happening. That’s…

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How to Prepare for Auctions in Pretoria at NUco Auctioneers

With frequent on-site auctions NUco Auctioneers have the process down to an art, so doing your homework before attending auctions in Pretoria is essential. If you are a…

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The Benefits of On Site Truck Auctions

There are many reasons why buying a vehicle at an onsite truck auction can be beneficial to potential buyers, sellers and even just those attending the auction. You…


Always Come Prepared To Mining Equipment Auctions

As the capital city of South Africa and bustling business hub, auctions in Pretoria are regular events. Everything from appliances to homes can be bought on auction, for…

Excavator Loading Dumper Truck at Construction Site


When going to an auction for the first time you may be a bit nervous as you don’t know all the “rules and regulations”. Here are a few…

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A fleet manager’s basic job description entails making sure that their fleet management strategy is efficient and cost effective. Your strategy should not only incorporate the management of…

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Here are the important Dos & Don’ts to lookout for before attending an auction